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NEW ARTIST WATCHES - 5 Worship Albums You (Will) Need

1. Ike Ndolo - Rivers - Sept 11th

Has a new record coming out Sept 11th called "Rivers", that will surely shake your boots. This guy has soul for days. I would say this is a worship album, but not necessarily all congregational. Again, pushing the envelope of what we believe "worship" should sound like. Dobro, Gangs, Stomps, Americana with Soul... all in this one genius offering. It's sick!

2. Will Retherford - Walk - Sept 4th

Found out about him from my producer, Michael Rossback, who we both used for our records. Great worship album in the veins of Gungor and All Sons and Daughters. Definitely worth checking out. Has some great congregational songs on it as well, including "He is Here" and "Run Your Way." Definitely an album in it's truest sense, flows from one song to another.

3. Jesus Culture - Emerging Voices - July 31st

This is an all around solid worship album to add to your collection. I put this on a new artist watch because it features 4 new worship leaders: Derek Johnson, Justin Jarvis, Mary Kat Ehrenzeller, and Nate Ward. This record is full of church anthems. Love Justin Jarvis's sound and fresh lyrics, definitely a Killers meets Brit- Rock vibe (also note I used to play drums for him so I'm biased). Make sure to check out May Kat's "Who Can Compare" and Justin's "Here We Are" that should make it on every church's set list. Derek Johnsons "I Belong to You" is also a great song to singalong to with a fresh perspective, in the veins of Brian Johnson.

4. Vertical Church - Live Worship From Vertical Church - July 31

Overall a solid church worship record. Definitely has songs that are usable in the congregational setting and easy to recreate on Sunday morning. This is Vertical Church Band's debut release from Chicago's mega-church, Harvest Bible Chapel (James MacDonald). The worship leader there, Andi Rozier, is a friend of mine (love his heart). He's put together a stellar team of musicians, singers, and writers. "Open Up the Heavens" and "Not for a Moment" are my favorite tracks. I think "Not for a Moment" will be the next "Revelation Song" that every girl worship leader will be singing this next year. Really looking forward to more records from them.

5. Benjamin Dunn & the Animal Orchestra - Fable - Aug 21st

Just released a brand new record called "Fable." Not necessarily a worship album, but boy do I love how he is expounding upon what Christian music really is or could be... 80's synths meets Indie Rock meets C.S. Lewis lyrical content.

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